The Team

Amy Kwak – Senior Escrow Officer & Escrow Supervisor

Amy is the head of our escrow team at ABC Escrow. She and her team work with clients and government agencies to ensure that transactions go through smoothly. Amy and each of her team members work under ABC Escrow, a licensed, insured, regulated, and bonded escrow company. Amy is fluent in both English and Korean.

Kim Ables – Senior Escrow Officer

Kim has over 20 years of experience as an Escrow Officer at ABC Escrow. In her time as an Escrow Officer, She has built a platform of extensive knowledge for handling the transfer of both Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses and Businesses. Kim uses her experience to provide clients with the expertise the guidance they need to get their transaction completed correctly and efficiently.

Miri Kim – Jr. Escrow Officer

Miri has over 13 years of banking (international trading documents negotiator) experience with hundreds of companies and clients. After helping banks, now working at ABC Escrow helping and satisfying customer’s needs as an escrow assistant. She is fluent in English and Korean and enjoys working with native Korean speakers. In her spare time she enjoys reading and gourmet cooking with her family.

Anaise Vasquez – Jr. Escrow Officer

Anaise is an Escrow Assistant with ABC Escrow. The main focus of her work making sure the Escrow Officers have the dedicated support and recourses needed to provide the smoothest transaction possible. She enjoys the dynamic team atmosphere within a trusted company in which she can contribute her experience, expertise, and organizational skills to add the progress of a greater work environment.