We handle the following types of Escrows:

Liquor license escrows (Only)

A liquor license escrow is different from all other escrows in the way it has to be handled. We have handled thousands of Liquor License only escrows and have perfected the correct language capturing the respective legal information needed to convey authority to escrow to complete a successful closing. Liquor License only escrows require a specialist escrow officer that has experience in handling tax liabilities that may result in successors liability and that, if not properly handled and assessed in accordance with required procedures, can result in delays or cancellations. ABC Escrow’s appearance on dealing with the respective taxing agencies in these matters is vital to a successful closing. The documents that are utilized by ABC Escrow to bind the parties, have been perfected over decades of use. There’s no reason to “recreate the wheel”, ABC Escrow has set the standards in the industry that all other escrow companies follow to successfully close a Liquor License only escrow!

Bulk Sales Escrows

ABC Escrow has handled hundreds of bulk sales with and without liquor licenses. This is our specialty. ABC Escrow has exacting requirements in organizing and opening a bulk sales escrow. From inception it is critically important to capture all of the respective assets being sold and transferred so that the recording of said sale is accurate and the subsequent closing isn’t contested by a prospective creditor. Bulk Sales Escrows rely on the experience of the escrow officer to properly guide the parties, buyer and seller, to a successful closing. An experienced assessment of a purchase agreement or any other vehicle used to craft escrow instructions can help identify significant challenges or problems that should be addressed prior to a escrow closing, which is critically important.

Holding Escrows

These are specialized escrows tailored to achieve a closing based on meeting certain standards that the parties agree to waive, having been met, allowing the conclusion and closing to occur.

These escrows are used by ABC Escrow for Liquor License transfer and other jurisdiction outside of California whose conditions of transfer are significantly different and don’t require creditor notifications but may require variations and contingencies relevant to the transfer and conclusion of the sale.  A holding escrow does not have to have a liquor license as the subject of the escrow.

ABC Escrow is bonded, qualified, and insured and meets all of the requirements to act as an escrow holder for liquor license escrows. Our decades of experience assures our clients that their escrows will be administered effectively and efficiently.