About Us

ABC Escrow was created in 1994 specifically to accommodate the clients of LiquorLicense.Com it’s sister company Use of the escrow company was made exclusively and solely to these customers.

The first two team members, Amy Kwak and Kim Ables, have been with the company from its inception. They were both accredited and came to the company with an enormous amount of experience that customers could rely on to complete the most complex escrow closings. Along with Miri Kim and Anaise Vasquez, our two most competent Junior Escrow Officers, they all provide the client with a capable team able to work through all of the complex dynamics required to close a bulk sale and/or liquor license escrow.

Though the company was established as a mere accommodation, the team began to field multiple requests from other agents and attorneys to assist in their escrow closings. In addition, many of our existing clientele that had previously worked with our team did not want to have any other escrow company assist in their transactions and as such we elected to pick and choose these escrows the company felt could be best accommodated.

ABC Escrow has completed thousands of escrows over its tenure. We remain confident and capable and more than able to assist in those areas specific to Bulk Sales, Liquor License escrows and special Holding Escrows tailored to those clients with special requirements and needs.

In this area there are no escrows we cannot achieve success in and have a successful closing.

You can rely on ABC Escrow’s knowledge and integrity to close your escrow quickly and efficiently.

  • Fully Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Government Regulated / Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
  • License # 9631735