Client Testimonials

“Without ABC Escrow’s help we would never have been able to transfer our liquor license from the seller. They were not only instrumental in achieving the transfer, but worked closely with the ABC and the creditors, which made the transaction hassle-free!”

-Stephanie Kennedy

“We enjoyed working with Amy. She’s so professional and knowledgeable! We received our money from the sale quickly. She helped us in making sure that our taxes were paid, avoiding extra penalties and interest that we were unaware of. Thanks Amy!”

-Lisa Williams

“Wow! What great service ABC Escrow provides. My escrow officer, Kim was always ready to assist. The Alcoholic Beverage Control was not easy to deal with, but having ABC Escrow involved did help to make the license’s issuance a lot quicker.”

-Jorge Vasquez

“ABC Escrow made sure that the license we were buying transferred to us free and clear of any liens. The license had major issues because the seller failed to disclose exactly what they owed. Without the help of ABC Escrow we would not have been able to transfer the license. They saved us an incredible amount of time and money! Thanks ABC Escrow.”

-Jason Smith