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When you need escrow for the transfer of a liquor license or the sale of a business with a liquor license, choose ABC Escrow for a swift, efficient escrow experience.

When you buy or sell a liquor license, funds must be deposited in escrow with few exceptions.  Liquor license escrow differs from other types of escrow, so you need an escrow agent familiar with your specific needs.

In California, liquor license escrow must be opened before a liquor license transfer application is filed with the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC). Then, approval by the department is required before the final transfer of the liquor license can be completed. The escrow and every aspect of selling a liquor license must comply with strict laws and regulations.

At ABC Escrow, your escrow documents and every step in the escrow process will meet all state regulations to ensure a smooth transfer.

Our Expertise

Every business sale is unique. ABC Escrow draws on decades of experience with businesses like yours to customize the process to your needs.

ABC Escrow uses the latest technology in every aspect of the escrow process from the initial generating of your documents to the final accounting for your funds during the closing statement.

Our staff of highly trained professionals is able to assist with both the buyer and seller with the technicalities of the escrow process

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